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Kwanini Brokers Wanatoa leverage wakijua ni mbaya kwa new traders?  



Hili ni swali najiuliza sana, Napata wasiwasi juu ya uhalali wa hii biashara

3 Answers

@alex_makando wanakuambia ya kuambiwa changanya na yako. Leverage ni hatari


Hii ni biashara kwa pia. Wanabusiness model kabisa, maswala ya A book na B book. 

IG broker ana biggest B book in the world. 


Generally people don't poses enough funds to buy their desired quantities of securities so the brokering firms provide fund in order to fulfill their clients needs.

In case of intraday trading people tend to buy huge quantities of securities and exit in few points of profit making the entire sum of handful profits. So the benefits are to be reaped by the clients/investors, if they don't it doesn't harm the brokers.

But remember it is pretty risky to trade by using leverages, don't use any unless and until you are well verse with the market,especially in case of derivatives.

That is why ukiwa na mtaji mkubwa leverage inapungua.